Services and Activities 

Consulting Services

System and material selection                                                                                 Specification writing                                                                                                National and International standards                                                             Quality and performance criteria development                                                 Thermal and acoustical calculations                                                            Security and safety calculations                                                               Evaluation of proposal documents and interview of the bidders                         Inspections and reports of plant and fieldwork                                                         Plant layout design


Evaluation and report on:                                                                                Water infiltration field test AAMA 501.2 – 501.3                                                   Sealant testing                                                                                            Structural anchor testing                                                                                     Wind tunnel testing                                                                                           Solar radiation and solar path evaluation                                                             Air infiltration testing                                                                                             Acoustical studies

New Systems Design

Custom curtainwall design: Unitized / Stick / Mixed                                               Suspended and structural glass systems                                                             Window design                                                                                                      Skylights design                                                                                            Recladding                                                                                                   Window washing systems                                                                                        Solar facades                      


Façade Renovation systems                                                                         Double façade                                                                                             Anchors                                                                                                         Special gaskets                                                                                                   QC programs

Solar Façades

Analysis of location and solar resources                                                                 Power output estimations                                                                                    Location of PV panels                                                                                           Façade engineering and PV integration Circuit design                                            Operation Controls                                                                                          Performance evaluation

Engineering and detailing

Plant design layout                                                                                                  Shop drawings                                                                                                       Extrusion die drawings                                                                                      Mockup drawings                                                                                             Installation diagrams                                                                                              Structural analysis                                       

Recycling and Conservation

Maintenance programs                                                                                  Conditions assessment                                                                                       Failure diagnosis                                                                                                Remedy strategies

Special Activities                                                                                               

Technical evaluation and report of existing conditions                                            Eye witness                                                                                                        Seminars and courses                                                                                       Specialized and updated library                                                                             Active member of standards organizations

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