Infrared Technology                                                                Building Diagnostics Technology

Estudio Marshall & Associates started to work in 2005 with this new technology in order to detect where the problemsare and help us focus attention allowing to properly diagnose areas of the building envelope with energy loss.


Detection and Visualisation of Air Infiltration and Exfiltration 

Adequate air exchange is essential for the occupants’ health and safety, but most buildings have a far higher rate of air exchange than is necessary. The root cause is often poor design and/or construction which allows air leakage from the inside of outside of the building, or the opposite. The leakage pathway is often complex and, without thermal imaging, extremely difficult to visualize. Allowing to quickly identify and repair the problem areas to stop the energy loss immediately.

Improved Energy Efficiency

To identify areas of energy waste infrared imaging is a valued tool in identifying problems related to energy loss, missing insulation, inefficient HVAC systems, radiant heating, water damage on roofs, thermal bridge location, etc. we can identify patterns of heat loss that are invisible to the naked eye. We can quickly indicate the air leaks within a property.

Thermal Imaging for HVAC & Plumbing                

A “whole building” approach is needed to maximize energy efficiency of a building or a home. Indoor environment can be compromised by poor insulation, poorly sealed windows and doors, plumbing leaks, or other issues relating to Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems. With this technology, it is easy to scan an entire building and see the relation of HVAC system, building envelope, and plumbing issues.


With this technology we can:

  Perform better and reliable building diagnosis   

  Have a precise information about the problem, and its location, in real time with moving images          

  Easy way to identify those water leakages hard to find          

  Inspection is non-intrusive


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